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Video FAQ

Questions on customs brokerage, international importation, required documents or the costs? Maybe your inquiry is specific to freight forwarding, vehicle importation from Japan or the United States or our warehouse services? Click the questions to get your answers with our FAQ videos.

Customs Brokerage:
What is a customs broker? Why use a customs broker? What are the benefits of a customs broker? Do I need a customs broker?
Why choose A & A? Can you ship goods too? Can you clear personal affects? Can I self clear shipments?
When should I set up a formal account? What are your office hours and locations?
What is Bill of lading, Cadex, and B3? What is NAFTA? Who provides the NAFTA? What is the Certificate of Origin?
Who pays the fees? Are brokerage fees included in shipping? Are GST and PST applied to imported goods? What is a Tariff Classification fee?
How does duty work?
How do I import from overseas? Can you clear oversea shipments?
Vehicles - US:
Can you import any vehicle? Can vehicles cross at any border? How much is importing a vehicle? How can you assist in importing my vehicle?
Do vehicles have to sit at the border for 72 hours? What documents are required? Can vehicle be driven right away? What is the Form 2?
What is a recall clearance letter? How do I drive the vehicle from the US? What is the green levy tax?
Vehicles - Japan:
What are the benefits of importing vehicles? How can my vehicle be transported? Who does the soil exam? What documents are required?
What is the original bill of lading? Can you clear my vehicle? Can you arrange transport? How do people find vehicles?
What vehicles are admissible?
How can you help in starting a business? How can you help a business owner? What goods can be stored? What facilities are in the USA?
How experienced is the staff? What facilities are in Canada?
Freight Forwarding:
What services do you provide? When should I contact you? What information is required? What forms need to be filled out?
Do you handle dangerous goods? Will you handle customs brokerage and warehousing? Can you handle multiple shipments? Why do you require so much information?
Can you handle temperature? What can I expect delivery?
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