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Why Your Business Needs а Logistics Services Company

An increasing number of small businesses (just like yours) are working with logistics services companies. Smart business owners are realizing that fast growth for small businesses can only come from smart outsourcing.

You can try to internally take care of all aspects of the business – but your business will grow at a much slower rate because of it. A good logistics services company, like A & A, removes the barriers you come across when forced to take care of the infrastructure and facilities your business requires. It also opens up opportunities for you to invest said resources in growing your primary business.

Hiring a logistics company doesn’t always make sense (it depends on the resources and infrastructure you have at disposal), but in most cases the benefits are multifold. If you are running an export services company, a logistics partner can ensure your cargo reaches the desired destination on time and undamaged, both locally and internationally.

benefits of hiring a logistics services company

You can always choose to hire an in-house logistics team of consultants who will coordinate and take care of the transportation and other logistics aspects of your business. However, this could prove to be very costly. Hiring a specialized company is the go-to option when considering the pricing and quality of service you get in the long run.

Logistics services companies have a really broad range of services. Nowadays, they can handle almost all your business needs, including customer service, sales support and IT services. These companies will typically have all the resources and technology you might require.

What can you expect from a professional logistics services company?

What follows is a list of some of the benefits of hiring a 3rd party logistics services company.

Saving time and resources

Outsourcing your logistics will save you lots of time and money, since you’ll be eliminating your technology needs, infrastructure and transportation requirements, etc. Moreover, logistics services companies can take care of your paperwork and staffing.

There’s the occasional case when shippers do not have direct savings after hiring a logistics company. These savings may be in different areas, but they mostly occur in transportation planning and management services. This is accompanied by improved customer service satisfaction, so what you get is a win-win scenario.

hire a logistics services company save time and money


Logistics companies possess the technology and infrastructure needed to excel at what they do. This means your customers will most likely be satisfied with your products since every product will be shipped and taken care of in the best manner possible. In the end, this may very well result in higher quality of service and lower costs for your business.

Expert knowledge

Handling logistics for clients is the foundation of the business model of any good logistics services company. Their expertise means you can invest more time and money in growing your business and doing what you  do best.

When you hire experts in transportation management, you’re getting the knowledge they’ve accumulated over years of working with countless clients running businesses similar to yours. They’ve found all the optimal solutions to all the problems you face, as well as all the issues you’re yet to even face.

expert advice from a logistics services company

Technology and infrastructure

Logistic services companies are often equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which means you can use this technology without having to spend a fortune acquiring it. However, you should make sure the company you want to hire is not outsourcing this technology from another place. Ask them if this is the case, this serves as a good selection criterion.


Imagine a scenario where your business has grown significantly and you are required to secure new facilities, as well as hire and train new staff. Should you decide to hire a logistics services company, you’ll be a phone call away from making it happen.

You just need to notify the logistics services company and reach an agreement regarding the new terms and rates. After that, the company will fine-tune your logistics according to the previously agreed upon terms.

logistics services company for a scalable business


One of the greatest advantages of hiring a logistics company is that you’re allowing a team of experts to have full control of the entire shipping and transportation process for you, from start to finish.

Now that you know some of the main benefits of hiring a logistics services company, it’s time to learn how you can check whether a company is worthy of your attention (and money).

Ask about the company’s methods

It’s important that you ask the company what its methods of work are, how it implements new technology and how it uses logistics software. This way, you can get valuable information about the company’s methods of work and its reliability.

Check for credentials

What you want is a competent logistics company that can deliver your goods across the country, or internationally. Either way, it’s crucial to thoroughly check the credentials of the companies you consider hiring.

Does the company enjoy a good reputation globally? Is it tied up with domestic freight operators? Is the staff of the company to your liking? Are its employees easy to work and negotiate with?

Maybe you can even get some insight into the way the company treats other clients, so that you know what you can expect from it. All these factors will help you decide whether the services of the company are worth taking into account.

how to choose a logistics services company

Insurance coverage

Hiring a logistics services company is just the beginning. As much as logistics companies are good at alleviating many concerns related to your business, dealing with them on a daily basis may sometimes involve difficult scenarios, especially when it comes to international cargo transportation. You need to always be informed about customs requirements in countries that may not permit the transportation of your cargo through their borders.

The logistics company can probably deal with such issues. Nevertheless, you are advised to broker an insurance coverage deal with the company – with many logistics companies this is a standard procedure. A & A’s custom specialists are equipped to handle these matters. We learn about your products, and manage regulatory and customs issues across international borders on your behalf, whenever they arise.

The perception of entering into a partnership with an outside logistics company is gradually changing. Logistics services companies are no longer regarded as mere third parties; They are morphing into the type of business partner you can fully rely on when it comes to managing core aspects of your business. That is why you need not hesitate to “jump ship” and reap the many benefits of hiring a reliable logistics services company.