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Some benefits of working at A & A:

Paid Vacation

Work hard, play hard… You deserve it!

Medical, Dental and more...

Keep those pearly whites!

Paid sick days

You come in sick, and we send you home… With pay, of course. Get better, we’ll see you soon.

Paid bereavement

Sometimes you’ll hit a rough patch. We support you. 20 days of leave to grieve an immediate family member and 10 days of paid leave to grieve an extended family member.

Paid maternity and paternity leave

New moms and dads get 4 months of paid time off for childbirth or adoption. U.S. AND Canada!

Honeymoon ‘High 5’

Getting hitched? Take an extra 5 days off, with pay. Enjoy!

Free Costco memberships

’cause everyone needs 5 gallons of pickles

Free parking

No more plugging the meter or daily/weekly/monthly fees. Park and come on in.

Birthday celebrations

Fruit bouquets, cakes and spin to win for a paid day off, gift certificates and more!

Pub nights

Who doesn’t love wings and nachos?

Weekly Huddles and Quarterly Updates

We keep you in the loop on how the business is doing. Sometimes we surprise you and give you treats.

Holiday celebrations


Christmas parties

’tis the season to unwind and celebrate

‘Just Because’ BBQ’s

Fundraising, first day of summer, or just because we feel like burgers.

Peer bonuses

When you see someone do something great, give them a bonus! Right then, right away. Each month you are given a budget to bonus to your awesome teammates, no manager approval required.

Employee surveys

Micro surveys ask for your opinions and we listen, improve and strive to get better.

Paid training and learning

It starts on day 1 – focused training so you hit the ground running. Don’t know or understand our industry? No problem, we will teach you. Find a course that you would like to take? Let us know and if it qualifies, we will pay for it. #learnandgrow

Fundraising and community service

Red Cross, Children’s Hospital, Food Bank and more – we love to help people.

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Thank you for your interest in A & A.

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