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At A & A, our customers absolutely love us. When choosing us as your partner, here are a few more of the benefits you will receive:


A dedicated Account Manager who promptly returns calls and is supported by an all-in-one logistics team;


A trusted strategic partner in your corner to handle all audit, compliance and reporting matters, and is pro-active on any delayed shipments;


A customized solution to track shipments on a daily basis.

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Economic Digest – December 2016

ACCESS For the first time, Canadians are spending more on Internet access than television subscriptions from the country’s telecom and cable companies with demand soaring...

NAFTA 2017 Renewals

Please provide us with your 2017 NAFTA certificate prior to December 31st. It is mutually beneficial to ensure your suppliers have completed a NAFTA certificate for...

Holiday bonus. american money on green gift box, business financial concept
Strategies for Reducing Logistics and Supply Chain Costs

Poor logistics planning and decision making can result in excessive expenditures, missed delivery deadlines and damaged goods. This is why optimizing operational efficiency and reducing...

Businessman on concept supply chain management logistics
Top 10 Future Trends in Supply Chain and Logistics

From the first assembly lines to today’s advanced robotic solutions, the supply chain process is constantly evolving. The latest trends in supply chain and logistics...

Economic Digest – November 2016

CROPS North America’s wettest harvest in about five years hiked farmers’ costs as they dried crops to avoid spoilage. One fifth of US and Canadian...

eManifest Implementation Update 2016-2017

With the implementation of eManifest, highway carriers transporting goods into Canada are required to transmit cargo and conveyance data electronically to the CBSA prior to...

E-Portal for Exporters of Softwood Lumber Products

Exporters of Softwood Lumber Products In anticipation of a possible investigation by the United States into imports of certain softwood lumber products from Canada, the...

SLA negotiations to continue despite expiration of standstill period

Negotiations toward a new softwood lumber deal between the U.S. and Canada are to continue despite the end of a standstill period, the one-year period...