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AE Canadian Dollar/UAE Dirham$0.37
AF Canadian Dollar/Afghan Afghani$0.02
AL Canadian Dollar/Albanian Lek$0.01
AM Canadian Dollar/Armenian Dram$–
AN Canadian Dollar/Guilder$0.77
AO Canadian Dollar/Angolan Kwanza$–
AR Canadian Dollar/Argentine Peso$–
AU Canadian Dollar/Australian Dollar$0.91
AW Canadian Dollar/Aruban Florin$0.76
AZ Canadian Dollar/Azerbaijanian Manat$0.81
BA Canadian Dollar/Convertible Mark$0.76
BB Canadian Dollar/Barbados Dollar$0.69
BD Canadian Dollar/Bangladeshi Taka$0.01
BG Canadian Dollar/Bulgarian Lev$0.76
BH Canadian Dollar/Bahraini Dinar$3.65
BI Canadian Dollar/Burundi Franc$–
BM Canadian Dollar/Bermudian Dollar$1.37
BN Canadian Dollar/Brunei Dollar$1.02
BO Canadian Dollar/Boliviano$0.2
BR Canadian Dollar/Brazilian Real$0.25
BS Canadian Dollar/Bahamian Dollar$1.37
BTC Canadian Dollar/Bitcoin$91,612.67
BT Canadian Dollar/Bhutanese Ngultrum$0.02
BW Canadian Dollar/Botswana Pula$0.1
BY Canadian Dollar/Belarusian ruble$0.42
BZ Canadian Dollar/Belize Dollar$0.69
CA Canadian Dollar/Canadian Dollar$1
CD Canadian Dollar/Congolese Franc$–
CH Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc$1.54
CL Canadian Dollar/Chilean Unit of Account$41.35
CL Canadian Dollar/Chilean Peso$–
CN Canadian Dollar/Chinese Yuan (offshore)$0.19
CN Canadian Dollar/Renminbi$0.19
CO Canadian Dollar/Colombian Peso$–
CR Canadian Dollar/Costa Rican Colon$–
CU Canadian Dollar/Convertible peso$1.37
CU Canadian Dollar/Cuban Peso$0.05
CV Canadian Dollar/Cabo Verde Escudo$0.01
CZ Canadian Dollar/Czech Koruna$0.06
DJ Canadian Dollar/Djibouti Franc$0.01
DK Canadian Dollar/Danish Krone$0.2
DO Canadian Dollar/Dominican Peso$0.02
DZ Canadian Dollar/Algerian Dinar$0.01
EG Canadian Dollar/Egyptian Pound$0.03
ER Canadian Dollar/Eritrean Nakfa$0.09
ET Canadian Dollar/Ethiopian Birr$0.02
ETH Canadian Dollar/Ethereum$4,821.72
EU Canadian Dollar/Euro$1.49
FJ Canadian Dollar/Fiji Dollar$0.62
FK Canadian Dollar/Falkland Islands Pound$1.76
GB Canadian Dollar/British Pound$1.76
GE Canadian Dollar/Georgian Lari$0.48
GG Canadian Dollar/Guernsey Pound$1.76
GH Canadian Dollar/Ghana Cedi$0.09
GI Canadian Dollar/Gibraltar Pound$1.76
GM Canadian Dollar/Gambian Dalasi$0.02
GN Canadian Dollar/Guinea Franc$–
GT Canadian Dollar/Guatemalan Quetzal$0.18
GY Canadian Dollar/Guyana Dollar$0.01
HK Canadian Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar$0.18
HN Canadian Dollar/Honduran Lempira$0.06
HR Canadian Dollar/Croatian Kuna$0.2
HT Canadian Dollar/Haitian Gourde$0.01
HU Canadian Dollar/Hungarian Forint$–
ID Canadian Dollar/Indonesian Rupiah$–
IL Canadian Dollar/Israeli Shekel$0.37
IM Canadian Dollar/Manx pound$1.76
IN Canadian Dollar/Indian Rupee$0.02
IQ Canadian Dollar/Iraqi Dinar$–
IR Canadian Dollar/Iranian Rial$–
IS Canadian Dollar/Iceland Krona$0.01
JE Canadian Dollar/Jersey Pound$1.76
JM Canadian Dollar/Jamaican Dollar$0.01
JO Canadian Dollar/Jordanian Dinar$1.94
JP Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen$0.01
KE Canadian Dollar/Kenyan Shilling$0.01
KG Canadian Dollar/Kyrgyzstani Som$0.02
KH Canadian Dollar/Cambodian Riel$–
KM Canadian Dollar/Comoro Franc$–
KP Canadian Dollar/North Korean Won$–
KR Canadian Dollar/South Korean Won$–
KW Canadian Dollar/Kuwaiti Dinar$4.48
KY Canadian Dollar/Cayman Islands Dollar$1.66
KZ Canadian Dollar/Kazakhstani Tenge$–
LA Canadian Dollar/Lao Kip$–
LB Canadian Dollar/Lebanese Pound$–
LD Canadian Dollar/Linden Dollar$–
LK Canadian Dollar/Sri Lanka Rupee$–
LR Canadian Dollar/Liberian Dollar$0.01
LS Canadian Dollar/Lesotho Loti$0.07
LY Canadian Dollar/Libyan Dinar$0.28
MA Canadian Dollar/Moroccan Dirham$0.14
MD Canadian Dollar/Moldovan Leu$0.08
MG Canadian Dollar/Malagasy Ariary$–
MK Canadian Dollar/Macedonian Denar$0.02
MM Canadian Dollar/Myanmar Kyat$–
MN Canadian Dollar/Mongolian Tugrik$–
MO Canadian Dollar/Macanese Pataca$0.17
MR Canadian Dollar/Mauritanian Ouguiya$0.04
MU Canadian Dollar/Mauritius Rupee$0.03
MV Canadian Dollar/Maldivian Rufiyaa$0.09
MW Canadian Dollar/Malawian Kwacha$–
MX Canadian Dollar/Mexican Peso$0.07
MY Canadian Dollar/Malaysian Ringgit$0.29
MZ Canadian Dollar/Mozambique Metical$0.02
NA Canadian Dollar/Namibia Dollar$0.07
NG Canadian Dollar/Nigerian Naira$–
NI Canadian Dollar/Cordoba Oro$0.04
NO Canadian Dollar/Norwegian Krone$0.13
NP Canadian Dollar/Nepalese Rupee$0.01
NZ Canadian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar$0.85
OM Canadian Dollar/Rial Omani$3.57
PA Canadian Dollar/Panamanian Balboa$1.37
PE Canadian Dollar/Peruvian Sol$0.37
PG Canadian Dollar/Papua New Guinean Kina$0.35
PH Canadian Dollar/Philippine Peso$0.02
PK Canadian Dollar/Pakistani Rupee$–
PL Canadian Dollar/Polish Zloty$0.34
PY Canadian Dollar/Paraguayan Guarani$–
QA Canadian Dollar/Qatari Rial$0.38
RO Canadian Dollar/Romanian Leu$0.3
RS Canadian Dollar/Serbian Dinar$0.01
RU Canadian Dollar/Russian Ruble$0.02
RW Canadian Dollar/Rwanda Franc$–
SA Canadian Dollar/Saudi Riyal$0.37
SB Canadian Dollar/Solomon Islands Dollar$0.16
SC Canadian Dollar/Seychelles Rupee$0.1
SD Canadian Dollar/Sudanese Pound$–
SE Canadian Dollar/Swedish Krona$0.13
SG Canadian Dollar/Singapore Dollar$1.02
SH Canadian Dollar/Saint Helena Pound$1.76
SL Canadian Dollar/Sierra Leonean Leone$–
SO Canadian Dollar/Somali Shilling$–
SR Canadian Dollar/Surinam Dollar$0.04
SS Canadian Dollar/South Sudanese Pound$0.01
ST Canadian Dollar/Sao Tomean Dobra$–
ST Canadian Dollar/Sao Tomean Dobra$0.06
SV Canadian Dollar/El Salvador Colon$0.16
SY Canadian Dollar/Syrian Pound$–
SZ Canadian Dollar/Swazi Lilangeni$0.07
TH Canadian Dollar/Thai Baht$0.04
TJ Canadian Dollar/Tajikistani Somoni$0.13
TM Canadian Dollar/Turkmenistan New Manat$0.39
TN Canadian Dollar/Tunisian Dinar$0.44
TO Canadian Dollar/Tongan Paanga$0.58
TR Canadian Dollar/Turkish Lira$0.04
TT Canadian Dollar/Trinidad and Tobago Dollar$0.2
TW Canadian Dollar/New Taiwan Dollar$0.04
TZ Canadian Dollar/Tanzanian Shilling$–
UA Canadian Dollar/Ukrainian Hryvnia$0.03
UG Canadian Dollar/Uganda Shilling$–
US Canadian Dollar/US Dollar$1.37
UY Canadian Dollar/Peso Uruguayo$0.04
UZ Canadian Dollar/Uzbekistan Sum$–
VE Canadian Dollar/Venezuelan Bolivar$0.04
VN Canadian Dollar/Vietnamese Dong$–
VU Canadian Dollar/Vanuatu Vatu$0.01
WS Canadian Dollar/Samoan Tala$0.49
CF Canadian Dollar/CFA Franc BEAC$–
XAG Canadian Dollar/Silver (ounce)$40.28
XAU Canadian Dollar/Gold (ounce)$3,181
XCD Canadian Dollar/East Caribbean Dollar$0.51
XDR Canadian Dollar/Special Drawing Rights$1.82
XOF Canadian Dollar/CFA Franc BCEAO$–
XPD Canadian Dollar/Palladium (ounce)$1,221.5
XX Canadian Dollar/CFP Franc$0.01
XPT Canadian Dollar/Platinum (ounce)$1,306.26
YE Canadian Dollar/Yemeni Rial$0.01
ZA Canadian Dollar/South African Rand$0.07
ZM Canadian Dollar/Zambian Kwacha$0.05
ZW Canadian Dollar/Zimbabwean Dollar$–
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