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These terms and conditions of service constitute a legally binding contract between A & A Group of Companies (A & A Customs Brokers, Inc., A & A Customs Brokers USA, Inc., A & A International Freight Forwarding and A & A Warehousing), the “Company”, and the “Customer”. In the event the Company renders services and issues a document containing Terms and Conditions governing such services, the Terms and Conditions set forth in such other document(s) shall govern those services.

1. Definitions. (a) “Company” shall mean Company Name, its subsidiaries, related companies, agents and/or representatives; (b) “Customer” shall mean the person for which the Company is rendering service, as well as its agents and/or representatives, including, but not limited to, shippers, importers, exporters, carriers, secured parties, warehousemen, buyers and/or sellers, shipper’s agents, insurers and underwriters, break-bulk agents, consignees, etc. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide notice and copy(s) of these terms and conditions of service to all such agents or representatives; (c) “Documentation” shall mean all information received directly or indirectly from Customer, whether in paper or electronic form; (d) “Ocean Transportation Intermediaries” (“OTI”) shall include an “ocean freight forwarder” and a “non-vessel operating carrier”; (e) “Third parties” shall include, but not be limited to, the following: “carriers, truckmen, cartmen, lightermen, forwarders, OTIs, customs brokers, agents, warehousemen and other to which the goods are entrusted for transportation, cartage, handling and/or delivery and/or storage or otherwise”.

2. Company as agent. The Company acts as the “agent” of the Customer for the purpose of performing duties in connection with the entry and release of goods, post entry services, the securing of export licenses, the filing of export documentation on behalf of the Customer and other dealings with Government Agencies: as to all other services, Company acts as an independent contractor.

3. Limitation of Actions. (a) Unless subject to a specific statue or international convention, all claims against the Company for a potential or actual loss, must be made in writing and received by the Company, within ninety (90) days of the event giving rise to claim; the failure to give the Company timely notice shall be a complete defense to any suit or action commenced by Customer. (b) All suits against Company must be filed and properly served on Company as follows: (i) For claims arising out of ocean transportation, within (1) year from the date of the loss; (ii) For claims arising out of air transportation, within (2) years from the date of the loss; (iii)For claims arising out of the preparation and/or submission of an import entry(s), within seventy five (75) days from the date of liquidation of the entry(s); (iv)For any and all other claims of any other type, within two (2) years from the date of the loss or damage

4. No Liability For the Selection or Services of Third Parties and/or Routes. Unless services are performed by persons or firms engaged pursuant to express written instructions from the Customer, Company shall use reasonable care in its selection of third parties, or in selecting the means, route and procedure to be followed in the handling, transportation, clearance and delivery of the shipment; advice by the company that a particular person or firm has been selected to render services with respect to the goods, shall not be construed to mean that the Company warrants or represents that such person or firm will render such services nor does Company assume responsibility or liability for any actions(s) and/or inactions(s) of such third parties and/or its agents, and shall not be liable for any delay or loss of any kind, which occurs while a shipment is in the custody or control of a third party or the agent of a third party; all claims in connection with the Act of a third party shall be brought solely against such party and/or its agents; in connection with any such claim, the Company shall reasonably cooperate with the Customer, which shall be liable for any charges or costs incurred by the Company

5. Quotations Not Binding. Quotations as to fees, rates of duty, freight charges, insurance premiums or other charges given by the Company to the Customer are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice; no quotation shall be binding upon the Company unless the Company in writing agrees to undertake the handling or transportation of the shipment at a specific rate or amount set forth in the quotation and payment arrangements are agreed to between the Company and the Customer SERVICE TERMS

6. Reliance On Information Furnished. (a) Customer acknowledges that it is required to review all documents and declarations prepared and/or filed with the Customs Service, other Government Agency and/or third parties, and will immediately advise the Company of any errors, discrepancies, incorrect statements, or omissions on any declaration filed on Customers behalf; (b) In preparing and submitting customs entries, export declarations, applications, documentation and/or export data to the United States and/or a third party, the Company relies on the correctness of all documentation, whether in written or electronic format, and all information furnished by Customer; Customer shall use reasonable care to insure the correctness of all such information and shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any and all claims asserted and/or liability or losses suffered by reason of the Customer’s failure to disclose information or any incorrect or false statement by the Customer upon which the Company reasonably relied. The Customer agrees that the Customer has an affirmative non-delegable duty to disclose any and all information required to import, export or enter the goods.

7. Declaring Higher Value To Third Parties. Third parties to whom the goods are entrusted may limit liability for loss or damage; the Company will request excess valuation coverage only upon specific written instructions from the Customer, which must agree to pay any charges therefore; in the absence of written instructions or the refusal of the third party to agree to a higher declared value, at Company’s discretion, the goods may be tendered to the third party, subject to the terms of the third party’s limitations of liability and/or terms and conditions of service.

8. Insurance. Unless requested to do so in writing and confirmed to Customer in writing, Company is under no obligation to procure insurance on Customer’s behalf; in all cases, Customer shall pay all premiums and costs in connection with procuring requested insurance.

9. Disclaimers; Limitation of Liability. (a) Except as specifically set forth herein, Company makes no express or implied warranties in connection with its services; (b) Subject to (c) below, Customer agrees that in connection with any and all services performed by the Company, the Company shall only be liable for its negligent acts, which are the direct and proximate cause of any injury to Customer, including loss or damage to Customer’s goods, and the Company shall in no event be liable for the acts of third parties; (c) In connection with all services performed by the Company, Customer may obtain additional liability coverage, up to the actual or declared value of the shipment or transaction, by requesting such coverage and agreeing to make payment therefore, which request must be confirmed in writing by the Company prior to rendering services for the covered transaction(s). (d) In the absence of addition coverage under (b) above, the Company’s liability shall be limited to the following: (i) where the claim arises from activities other than those relating to customs brokerage, $50.00 per shipment or transaction, or (ii) where the claim arises from activities relating to “Customs business,” $50.00 per entry or the amount of brokerage fees paid to Company for the entry, whichever is less; (e) In no event shall Company be liable or responsible for consequential, indirect, incidental, statutory or punitive damages even if it has been put on notice of the possibility of such damages.

10. Advancing Money. All charges must be paid by Customer in advance unless the Company agrees in writing to extend credit to customer; the granting of credit to a Customer in connection with a particular transaction shall not be considered a waiver of this provision by the Company.

11. Indemnification/Hold Harmless. The Customer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the Company harmless from any claims and/or liability arising from the importation or exportation of customers merchandise and/or any conduct of the Customer, which violates any Federal, State and/or other laws, and further agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless against any and all liability, loss, damages, costs, claims and/or expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, which the Company may hereafter incur, suffer or be required to pay by reason of such claims; in the event that any claim, suit or proceeding is brought against the Company, it shall give notice in writing to the Customer by mail at its address on file with the Company. SERVICE TERMS

12. C.O.D. or Cash Collect Shipments. Company shall use reasonable care regarding written instructions relating to “Cash/Collect” on “Deliver (C.O.D.)” shipments, bank drafts, cashier’s and/or certified checks, letter(s) of credit and other similar payment documents and/or instructions regarding collection of monies but shall have not liability if the bank or consignee refuses to pay for the shipment.

13. Costs of Collection. In any dispute involving monies owed to Company, the Company shall be entitled to all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees and interest at 15% per annum or the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is less, unless a lower amount is agreed to by the Company

14. General Lien and Right to Sell Customer’s Property. (a) Company shall have a general and continuing lien on any and all property of Customer coming into Company’s actual or constructive possession or control for monies owed to Company with regard to the shipment on which the lien is claimed, a prior shipment(s) and/or both; (b) Company shall provide written notices to Customer of its intent to exercise such lien, the exact amount of monies due and owing, as well as any on-going storage or other charges; Customer shall notify all parties having an interest in its shipment(s) of Company’s rights and/or exercise of such lien. (c) Unless, within thirty days of receiving notice of lien, Customer posts cash or letter of credit at sight, or if the amount due is in dispute, an acceptable bond equal to 110% of the value of the total amount due, in favor of Company, guaranteeing payment of the monies owed, plus all storage charges accrued or to be accrued, Company shall have the rights to sell such shipment(s) at public or private sale or auction and any net proceeds remaining thereafter shall be refunded to Customer.

15. No Duty to Maintain Records For Customer. Customer acknowledges that pursuant to Sections 508 and 509 of the Tariff Act, as amended, (19 USC & 1508 and 1509) it has the duty and is solely liable for maintaining all records required under the Customs and/or other Laws and Regulations of the United States; unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the Company shall only keep such records that it is required to maintain by Statute(s) and/or Regulation(s), but not act as a “recordkeeper” or “recordkeeping agent” for Customer.

16. Obtaining Binding Rulings, Filing Protests, etc. Unless requested by Customer in writing and agreed to by Company in writing, company shall be under no obligation to undertake any pre- or post Customs release action, including, but not limited to, obtaining binding rulings, advising of liquidations, filing of petition(s) and/or protests, etc.

17. Preparation and Issuance of Bills of Lading. Where Company prepares and/or issues a bill of lading, Company shall be under no obligation to specify thereon the number of pieces, packages and/or cartons, etc; unless specifically requested to do so in writing by Customer or its agent and Customer agrees to pay for same, Company shall rely upon and use the cargo weight supplied by Customer.

18. No modification or Amendment Unless Written. These terms and conditions of service may only be modified, altered or amended in writing signed by both Customer and Company; any attempt to unilaterally modify, alter or amend same shall be null and void.

19. Compensation of Company. The compensation of the Company for all its services shall be included with and is in addition to the rates and charges of all carriers and all other agencies selected by the Company to transport and deal with the goods and such compensation shall be exclusive of any brokerage, commissions, dividends, or other revenue received by the Company from carriers, insurers, and others in connection with the shipment. On ocean exports, upon request, the Company shall provide a detailed breakout o f the components of all charges assessed and a true copy of each pertinent document relating to these charges. In any referral for collection or action against the Customer for monies due the Company, upon recovery by the Company, the Customer shall pay the expenses of collection and/or litigation, including a reasonable attorney fee.

20. Severability. In the event any Paragraph(s) and/or portion(s) hereof is found to be invalid and/or enforceable, then in such event the reminder hereof shall remain in full force and effect SERVICE TERMS

21. Governing Law; consent to Jurisdiction and Venue. These terms and conditions of service and the relationship of the parties shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Washington without giving consideration to principals of conflict of law. Customer and Company (a) Irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of the United States District Court and the State courts of Washington State; (b) Agree that any action relating to the services performed by Company, shall only be brought in said courts; (c) Consent to the exercise of in personam jurisdiction by said courts over it, and (d) Further agree that any action to enforce a judgment may be instituted in any jurisdiction


You, the client, may have provided us with your shipping volumes, your end customers, your pricing, rates, fees and discounts of your current service provider. A & A Customs Brokers” Ltd. and its subsidiaries agree to not disclose that information to any other party.

A & A is providing you confidential pricing, rates, fees and discounts – and we would ask the same courtesy extended – that our information not be shared with any other party without prior written consent from A & A.

Rates exclude the following unless otherwise specified:

Destination arrival charges; destination customs clearance; duties and taxes; inspection fees; fumigation and any related charges; any applicable storage or demurrage charges; letter of credits; bank drafts; certification; legalization; consular fees and any related courier fees; oversized, perishable, or hazardous products.

All transactions are subject to CIFFA terms and conditions. A copy of CIFFA ‘s Standard Trading Conditions is available on our website: aacb.com

Ancillary Fees related to other Government Agencies, Consulting, Compliance, Freight, Disbursement, Third Party Charges, Administrative Fees are additional. Payment terms are subject to credit approval.

Origin Pick up and Delivery is based on regular Load and Go service with 1 hour free-time for loading. Thereafter USD $75.00 per hour will apply.

Brokerage Rates are based on expected volumes disclosed. Volume will be reviewed every six months from the date of account activation to ensure our mutual agreement is met. Rates may be adjusted accordingly based on actual volume and subject to change without notice. All Prices are quoted in Canadian Funds.

Insurance is available upon written request. If insurance is not requested we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage. Subject to certain exclusions based on product and destination.

Quotations based on actual tariffs, bunker fuel surcharge, intermodal fuel surcharge, and currency exchange rates presently in force and subject to change with or without notice.

Rates are subject to space and equipment availability.

Warehousing – explanation of pricing

  • Pallet charge per month is for storing stated-sized pallets in our warehouse.
  • We store 1 SKU & 1 lot code per pallet.
  • Surcharge for rush receipts applies. Quoted at time of request.
  • Handling is charged upon receiving (including de-stuffing containers) or loading pallets.
  • Order fee is for the administrative costs for getting the cases/pallets ready for outbound shipment.
  • Rush order fee for orders less than 4 hours applies. Rate of 1.5 times regular order fee.
  • ASN admin fee is for creating ASN labels. Label charge extra.
  • Print BoL is for when customer arranged shipments need a Bill of Lading.
  • Picking is for picking cases/items to get ready for shipment.
  • Label charge is for printing and adhering shipping labels.
  • Pallet charge is if we need to palletize any boxes either for storing or outbound shipping.
  • Stretch-wrap is charged when pallets need to be wrapped (required for storing safely and transportation).
  • We can provide other materials as needed & charge cost+ (if a box is required to package a few cases for shipping).
  • Transportation costs will depend on the quantity, weight & destination.
  • Access fee is only if a customer or another representative enters our warehouse and needs to access any product.
  • Labour fee is if any labour needs to be performed (palletizing, for example).

Warehousing – other notes

  • Storage, handling, pallet and stretch-wrapping charges increase if pallets are larger than quoted size.
  • Storage rates to be adjusted if minimum inventory turns not met.
  • Handling and storage will be charged for Chep pallets.
  • We can process orders via EDI.
  • Customers have online access to our WMS to view inventory, shipments, receipts and invoices.
  • We do not provide insurance beyond our legal liability.
  • Receiving/shipping hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.
  • Additional services quoted at time of request.
  • Notwithstanding any quote and contract signed by a third party or any instructions to invoice a third party, the customer remains jointly and severally liable for all charges.

Warehousing invoices

  • Rates may vary depending on the product.
  • Monthly invoice minimum of $450.
  • Storage invoiced on a full calendar month; no partial charges
  • Invoicing 1st of month; payment due as per credit terms / 1week prior to all product being shipped out of warehouse.


These are Standard Trading Conditions which govern the business practises of members of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers. Both the Client and Customs Broker agree to be bound by the Agency Agreement and Power or Attorney including the Standard Trading Conditions unless or until one of the parties advises the other in writing to the contrary subject to the provisions of paragraph 8 of the Standard Trading Conditions.

1. Definitions

“Canada Customs” means the Canada Border Services Agency, any other Department of Agency, and any other successor Department of Agency of the Government of Canada or any Province thereof having jurisdiction over imports and exports. “Client” is any person, firm, association or corporation at whose request or on whose behalf, either directly or indirectly, the Customs Broker undertakes any business or provides advise, information or services.“Customs Broker” is the person; firm or corporation licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency, or other authorized body, to engage in the business of a Customs Broker.“Customs Duties” means any duties , taxes and levies on imported goods under the Customs Act, the Customs Tariff, the Excise Act, The Excise Tax Act, the Special Import Measures Act, or any other law relating to customs, excluding any penalties, interest or fines imposed under any of the aforesaid acts or any other law relating to customs. “Disbursements” means any payment made by the Customs Broker, on behalf of the client, for any product or service rendered in connection with the facilitation of the import and export of goods but not limited to Customs Duties, taxes, freight, storage, penalties, interest and fines and other payments, including payments on goods on COD shipments made by the Customs Broker on behalf of the Client. “Services” shall mean those customs broker services Annex A which are agreed to by the Client and the Customs Broker.

2. Feels and Disbursements

(a) The fees for services shall be in accordance with the fee schedule as agreed upon between the Client and Customs Broker as amended from time to time.(b)The Client shall pay to the Customs Broker all fees charged for the Services rendered by the Customs Broker to the Client.( c )Disbursements incurred by the Customs Broker on behalf of the Client shall be reimbursed to the Customs Broker by the Client.

3. Invoicing and Payment

(a) The Customs Broker shall issue invoices to the Client for all fees and Disbursements pertaining to Services rendered to and on behalf of the Client. (b) All such invoices shall be payable upon receipt, or as otherwise agreed, by the Client. (c) Interest on all late payments shall be paid at the rate set by the Customs Broker, as amended from time to time, upon which interest shall be charged commencing 14 days after the invoice date or as otherwise agreed. (d) In the event of default of payment by the Client, the Customs Broker, in addition to any other legal rights and remedies shall have the right to retain, in its possession, all goods of the Client which may, in the future, come into its possession. The right of possession shall include the right to sell the goods by public auction in the event that such default shall continue for a period of 45 days.

4. Advancement of Funds

(a) Upon request by the Customs Broker, the Client shall provide to the Customs Broker, prior to the release of a shipment of goods imported by the Client, sufficient funds to enable the Customs Broker to pay on behalf of the Client all Disbursements that are estimated by the Customs Broker to be payable on such shipment. (b) If, at any time, the Customs Broker or Canada Customs determines that additional funds are required with respect to goods imported by the Client, the Client shall upon demand advance such additional funds to the Customs Broker. (b) If after payment of Disbursements by the Customs Brokers concerning the goods imported by the Client any balance of funds remains outstanding to the credit of the Client, the Customs Broker shall return to the Client, unless instructed by the Client to the contrary, any remaining balance of funds. (c )If the Client fails to advance funds to the Customs Broker upon request by the Customs Broker as aforesaid, the Customs Broker shall have no obligation with respect to rendering Services concerning the goods for which advance funds had been requested by the Customs Broker.

5. Duties and Responsibilities of the Client

The Client shall: (a) Provide to the Customs Broker all information necessary for the Customs Broker to provide the Services set out herein, including all information required to complete Canada Customs documentation and/or data requirements. ii. Promptly review all documentation and/or data and notify the Customs Broker of any inaccuracies, errors or omissions found CSCB TRADING CONDITIONS therein and advise the Customs Broker promptly and within the time periods set out in paragraph 7 hereof: iii reimburse, indemnify and save harmless the Customs Broker with respect to any of the matters set out in subparagraph (c) hereof; Iv indemnify and save harmless the Customs Broker against any and all actions, claims, suits or demands of any nature whatsoever arising from third party claims which result from inaccuracies, mistakes or omissions in the information and documentation provided to the Customs Broker by the Client or its agents and relied upon by the Customs Broker. (b) The Client warrants that it is the Importer, Exporter, or owner of the goods for which it has retained the Customs Broker; that it has full power authority to retain, appoint as attorney and instruct the Customs Broker; and that all information provided to the Customs Broker shall be complete, true and accurate and acknowledges that the Customs Broker shall be relying on such information to provide the services set out herein; (c) The Client shall be solely liable for: any and all Disbursements made by the Customs Broker on behalf of the Client; ii. any Customs Duties, fines, penalties, interest or other levies imposed by Canada Customs or other Government Departments with respect to the goods imported or to be imported into Canada, or exported or to be exported from Canada, by the Client; iii. any loss or damage incurred or sustained by the Customs Broker in relation to the provision or services to the Client herein.

6. Duties and Responsibilities of the Broker

(a) The Customs Broker shall at all times provide Services in a timely and professional manner in accordance with the generally accepted standards of the Canadian Customs brokerage industry and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of Canada and any Province or Territory thereof. (b) All information pertaining to the Client shall be kept confidential by the Customs Broker and his sub-agent, if applicable, and shall only be released to Canada Customs as required by law, subject to instructions from the Client to the Customs Broker to release the information to third parties. (c) The Customs Broker shall take all reasonable steps to provide Services in accordance with the instructions from the Client, provided however, that should the Customs Broker reasonably consider that it is the interest of the Client to depart from the Client’s instructions, the Customs Broker shall have the authority to do so and shall be indemnified and saved harmless by the Client for so doing.(d) The Customs Broker shall provide to the Client in respect of each transaction or summary accounting made on the Client’s behalf a copy of the accounting documents and/or data pertaining thereto. (e) The Customs Broker shall promptly account to the Client for funds received to the extent that these funds are: I. for the credit of the Client from the Receiver General for Canada, or ii. from the Client by way of advances provided in paragraph 4 hereof in excess of the Disbursements payable in respect to the Client’s business with Canada Customs or other Government Departments (f )The Customs Broker shall not be liable for any error in judgment or for anything which it may do or refrain from doing or for any resulting or consequential damage or loss caused by the negligence of the Customs Broker or by an act of God or other act or cause beyond the reasonable control of the Customs Broker. The Customs Broker shall not be liable for any failure to provide the Services which is a result of the operation of the applicable laws of Canada or any other country or a change in policies of Canada Customs.

7. Errors and Omissions

Any errors or omissions on Canada Customs documents and/or data transmissions must be reported in writing to the Customs Broker by the Client as soon as possible but in any event within 10 days of receipt of the documents and/or data. The Customs Broker shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions unless the same are reported to the Customs Broker within the said 10-day period.

8. Termination

In the event that the Agency Agreement and Power of Attorney is terminated and there are any outstanding matters pertaining to the Client for which the Customs Broker has been engaged by the Client and for which the Customs Broker remains liable, the Agency Agreement and Power of Attorney shall continue in force with respect to such matters until such matters are concluded and payment by the Client to the Customs Broker of such funds as may be required to satisfy all outstanding payment liabilities of the Customs Brokers to Canada Customs and others (including all Fees and Disbursements) has been made by the Client.

9. Governing Law

These conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Province within Canada, or Territory, within which the Customs Broker CSCB TRADING CONDITIONS has its principal place of business and the Client hereby irrevocably attorns to the Courts of such Province or Territory. The General Agency Agreement and these conditions shall endure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their respective executors, administrators, successors and assigns.

10. Sever-ability

Each of the clauses of these Standard Trading Conditions is and shall be deemed to be separate and severable and if any provision or part of these conditions is held for any reason to be unenforceable, the remainder of these Standard Trading Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.



I/We, the “Customer”, do hereby constitute and appoint A & A Customs Brokers”., 120-176th Street, Suite 101, Surrey, BC V3Z 9S2 my true, authorized and lawful attorney and agent to transact business on my behalf in all matters relating to: (1) Customs that may be transacted by a customs broker licensed under the Customs Act; (2) Excise and any tax or levies under the Excise Tax Act; (3) Shipping and storage related to any contract; and Including all matters relating to the account for and payment and refund of customs and/or excise duties, excise tax, sales tax and goods and services tax in respect of imported goods released or to be released under such legislation, at the customs offices located in ANY AND ALL PORTS IN CANADA.

And in connection therewith:

(a) to execute, sign, seal, deliver and endorse for me and in my name all bonds, entries, bills of lading, bills of exchange, warehouse receipts or other means of payment or collateral security which comes into its possession and to use same, including drawbacks and claims of any nature for reimbursement of customs duties, sales/excises taxes and the like;

(b) to receive all such payments and sums of money as are now due or may hereafter become due and payable to me by way of rebate, refund or remission on the order of the Canada Border Services Agency relative to the foregoing;

(c) to appoint sub-agents in its discretion; to endorse on my behalf and as my attorney; to deposit to and for its own account all such payments from the Government of Canada.

I acknowledge that any duties, charges or other amounts paid on my behalf or to my account by my attorney or its sub-agent shall be a debt due by me to my attorney or to its sub-agent and any refund, rebate or remission of such duties, charge or other amounts shall be the property of my attorney or its sub-agent and I direct and authorize any government agencies collecting same to deliver such rebate, refund or remission to my attorney or sub-agent. I assign all such refunds, rebates or remissions of such duties, charge or other amounts to my attorney and its sub-agents absolutely and for their own use and benefit. As further security for any and all sums owed or becoming owed to my attorney and its sub-agent, for the due performance of any obligations including but not limited to indemnities that I owe to my attorney and its sub-agent, and for any and all enforcement costs.

I hereby grant a security interest to my attorney over all such refunds, rebates or remissions of such duties, charge or other amounts hereinbefore referred to and over all of my present and after acquired personal property. I hereby waive my right to receive a copy of any financing statement or verification statement filed or issued in relation hereto. I agree that all sums owed to my attorney or its sub-agent are due and payable by me immediately upon and invoice being issued, and all sums remaining unpaid for 15 days from any invoice date bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month.

I/We hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all documents and/or information that will be provided to my aforesaid attorney by myself or on my behalf, in connection with this mandate, will be true, accurate and complete.

I further grant my attorney full power and authority to appoint any other person to whom a license to transact business as a customs broker has been issued under the Customs Act as a sub-agent to transact the aforesaid business on my behalf at any of the aforementioned Customs offices, and to revoke any such appointment and to appoint any other person who holds a license as a sub-agent in the place of any sub-agent whose appointment has been revoked, as it, my attorney, shall from time to time think fit.

I/We hereby agree that all transactions hereunder shall be governed by the Standard Trading Conditions of The Canadian Society of Customs Brokers which are on the reverse side hereof, which have been read by the undersigned, and which are incorporated by reference into this agreement.

I hereby ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm all that my said attorney may do in virtue hereof.

This Power of Attorney shall be and remain in full force and effect until due notice of its revocation shall have been given to my aforesaid attorney, in writing by registered mail, which notice of revocation shall not be effective at any time when any sum is due and owing but unpaid to my attorney or any obligation by me is owed to my attorney but is unfulfilled. This agreement remains in effect until terminated by mutual agreement amongst the parties. This agreement and Power of Attorney may be executed in counterparts and transmitted by original or facsimile copies, which when taken together shall and shall be deemed to form one binding agreement and Power of Attorney. I warrant and represent that the person executing this document is my duly authorized signatory with full power and authority to bind me.

NOTE: All details pertaining to CARM R2 processes are based on the current information available at the time of writing. As this is subject to change, it’s recommended you periodically check in with the CBSA or your customs broker.