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A & A and the lumber industry

Lumber Freight Shipping

A & A is an active broker of softwood lumber – since 1996.

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Importing Lumber into Canada

Since 1996, A & A Customs Brokers has established a robust reputation as trusted customs brokers for lumber, particularly softwood. We have an active role in brokering softwood lumber, having built an online process that gives exporters control over all their cross-border export permits.

A & A Customs Brokers: Your Trusted Partner in Softwood Lumber Trade

Our expertise extends to various softwood lumber issues since the Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) of 1996 came into effect. We offer comprehensive services for businesses importing lumber into Canada, as well as for exporters.

Our experienced staff assists exporters with the facilitation of their export permits. This service comes complete with comprehensive notifications and reports.

We, as your customs brokers for softwood lumber, have developed a hands-on, online web application that enables you, the exporter, to have your softwood lumber export permit in place before your goods cross the border. To sign up for this service, simply visit

Softwood Lumber Resources

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Website referencing export and import control information on softwood lumber.
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Notices regarding the softwood lumber trade in North America

Softwood Lumber Industry News

On February 1, 2024, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of its fifth administrative reviews with respect to imports of softwood lumber products from Canada.

These results do not take effect, but may serve as an indication of the final duty rates the U.S. Department of Commerce will issue later in 2024. The Honorable Mary Ng, Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade and Economic Development, issued a statement in response to these preliminary results by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Softwood Lumber Forms

Application for EIPA number [PDF]

Quota Authorization (Detailed) [PDF]

Quota Authorization (Transfer) [PDF]

Quota Transfer Request Form [PDF]

Application for Permit to Export Softwood Lumber to the United States [PDF]

NOTE: All details pertaining to CARM R2 processes are based on the current information available at the time of writing. As this is subject to change, it’s recommended you periodically check in with the CBSA or your customs broker.