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Unleashing Success with Experienced Customs Brokers for Start-Ups

Did you ever make a sale on Etsy? If the answer is “yes”, you’re already a part of the startup world! Every innovative idea, service, or product with potential earning capacity qualifies as a startup. With the advancements in globalization, e-commerce, and technology, now might be the perfect time to expand your entrepreneurial journey. As trusted customs brokers for start-ups, A & A is committed to helping your ideas successfully cross different borders and jurisdictions, each with its own set of rules, taxes, regulations, and restrictions.

A & A: Your Reliable Customs Brokers for Start-Ups in Canada

At A & A, we take your product ideas and ensure they’re properly packaged, papered, prepared, and legally presented for the market, irrespective of their locations.

Make it easy for you to make money

At A & A, your go-to brokers for start-ups, we love finding ways to expedite your processes, find you savings and maximize your returns on investment.

Check yourself (or let us do it for you): scams are out there

First and foremost, be wary of scams. It’s an unfortunate reality in the world of importing and exporting for start-ups. Be sure to do your research or ask us, your customs brokers for start-ups in Canada, if anything seems suspicious.

Tariffs cost how much?

Each country has its own set of tariffs, so as a trusted customs broker company for start-ups, we help you understand the charges you may face or need to incorporate to remain profitable.

Make those links pay off: the dollars are in the details

Ensure your website is optimized for your specific market, from cultural considerations to payment security and accessibility. We, as experienced brokers for startups, know how crucial it is for people to feel comfortable and confident making transactions on your website.

Rest assured by being insured.

Insurance is another essential piece of the puzzle. As your dedicated brokers for start-up companies in Canada, we ensure this is managed properly for you.

Free trade, fair trade…where, how, what, why?

Canada has very specific free trade agreements with some countries and then none with others. As customs brokers, we manage these for you.

IP: is your idea original?

Intellectual property rights are extremely important to be aware of. As experienced brokers, we manage this aspect for you as well.

An inco-what? Forgettable but important terms – for us to worry about.

Terminology is abundant with international importing and exporting. Have you heard of “incoterms”? No? Most people haven’t, they are often 3 letter abbreviations that are hard to keep track of but pack a serious punch if you step out of line with them. Being a professional broker company for startups, A & A Customs Brokers, will deal with them without any worries.

COVID – still a factor

Think COVID is over? For the foreseeable future, business, particularly importing and exporting, will continue to be impacted. As your dedicated brokerage company for startup customs, we keep track of all the requirements by each region’s health authority.


Your return policy will need to be iron-clad. As your trusted customs brokers for start-ups, we help ensure this to save you time, money, and headaches down the line.

Your Start-up Deserves Canada’s Premier Customs Brokers: A & A Customs Brokers

Call us today and let’s get your business up and running. You take care of the creativity, we, as experienced customs brokers for start-ups in Canada, will take care of everything else.

NOTE: All details pertaining to CARM R2 processes are based on the current information available at the time of writing. As this is subject to change, it’s recommended you periodically check in with the CBSA or your customs broker.