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Why A & A Customs Brokers?

  • ✔ No Voicemail Jail
  • ✔ 24/7 Live Account Representative
  • ✔ 30 Minute Customs Clearing
  • ✔ User-friendly Lumber Portal
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A & A Customs Brokers Other Customs Brokers
Comprehensive lumber portal with dedicated IT solutions team: Our system require no more than 5 minutes to fill out the forms with pre-populated fields. Difficult & incomplete lumber portal: Generic sales portal with limited lumber industry related assets.
24/7 Support: Delays can happen. At A&A, we are up at 3 am to do your custom clearance, with no after hour charges! ❌ Strictly office hours with premium after hour rate if at all.
Superb Customer Service: No voice mails or callbacks. Our support specialists are ready to help at any given time, nor do we pass our customers between departments. Subpar Customer Service: Most other brokers have limited resources in customer services. Clients are often stuck in the transfer queue or end up in a voicemail jail.
Dedicated account manager: At A & A, we have dedicated account manager who is supported by an all-in-one logistics team. Call center approach: Tedious labor of explaining any situation to the customer service team, then get passed to different departments and re-explaining the situation over.