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NAFTA 2018 Renewals

NAFTA 2018 Renewals

Please provide us with your 2018 NAFTA certificate by December 31st. It is mutually beneficial to ensure your suppliers have completed a NAFTA certificate for your qualifying NAFTA origin products to avoid additional duty charges on your end.

Importers need to obtain new blanket North American Free Trade Agreement certificates of origin every 12 months or ensure their suppliers are providing a single use certificate with every shipment for their qualifying product. The Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) has significant fines that can be assessed when importing goods under lower rates under NAFTA without having a valid NAFTA certificate on hand at the time of import.

To ensure that you are protected against customs assessed penalties, A & A will not apply preferential tariff treatment on your imported goods unless we have a valid NAFTA Certificate of Origin on file.

Please forward all of your NAFTA Certificates to

NAFTA Tutorial.

NAFTA Certificate of Origin (Fillable Form).