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A & A and the lumber industry

Lumber Freight Shipping

A & A is an active broker of softwood lumber – since 1996.

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Lumber Importing & Exporting

A & A is an active broker of softwood lumber – since 1996. Having built an online process to give exporters control on all their cross-border export permits.



$7.6 billion of Canadian GDP is the lumber industry.
In our backyard: part of the second largest producer of lumber worldwide.
Biggest exports: USA, Europe, Japan.

Softwood Lumber

A & A has been actively dealing with the various Softwood Lumber issues since the inception of the SLA of 1996.

Our experienced staff have been assisting exporters with the facilitation of their export permits and quota transfers that include comprehensive notifications and reports.

We have developed a hands on, On-Line Web Application that allows you the exporter to be in control of having your softwood lumber export permit in place prior to your goods crossing the border. To sign up for this service simply go

Softwood Lumber Resources

  ::   News Articles
News that effects North American softwood lumber
  ::   Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada – Softwood Lumber
FAIT website referencing export and import control information on softwood lumber.
  ::   Softwood Lumber Notices
Notices regarding the softwood lumber trade in North America
  ::   Canada Revenue Agency – Softwood Lumber Registration
Read technical information regarding softwood lumber exports to the USA including publications and forms.

Softwood Lumber Transfers

For those regions that are subject to export allocations under Option B, you may find the need to transfer all or part of your export allocation during an allocation period to other exporters of Softwood Lumber Products. For complete detailed information with regards to the policy respecting the Transfer of Allocations, please refer to Notice to Exporters SER-158.

We at A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd. can facilitate your quota transfer requests at a competitive price. Written authorization is required for A & A to process your transfer with Foreign Affairs & International Trade. The necessary authorization forms are below under “Softwood Lumber Forms”

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Softwood Lumber Forms

Application for EIPA number [PDF]

Quota Authorization (Detailed) [PDF]

Quota Authorization (Transfer) [PDF]

Quota Transfer Request Form [PDF]

Application for Permit to Export Softwood Lumber to the United States [PDF]

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