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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution Center

A & A Warehouses are strategically located facilities that can accommodate any non-hazardous goods from units, packages, pallets to vehicles. From shoes to snowboards to nutritional supplements to electronics – we are experienced in a variety of different commodities. In addition, A & A Warehousing and Distribution Services can provide the following services:

Warehousing & Distribution Services

  • Order Fulfillment, by piece, case, and pallet selection.
  • Free on-line web based inventory system.
  • Cross Dock Services FTL/LTL.
  • Small parcel receiving and handling.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Canada Customs: Clearance Services.
  • Reverse logistics program.
  • 24-Hour secure facility.
  • After-hours and weekend services.
  • Freight Forwarding Services.
  • Container loading and unloading.
  • Freight consolidation.
  • Co-load trans-border services.

United States – Our facility in Blaine, WA is minutes from the border. Our convenient location allows you to consolidate your shipments for both north and south bound freight. Many of our Canadian clients utilize our warehouse facility for shippers offering “Free Shipping” within the United States. Our Customs clearance and Cross-border transportation services provides you with an all inclusive service to receive, customs clear and deliver to all parts of Canada, United States and around the world.

In addition, A & A Warehouse and Distribution services has become one of the leaders in 3rd party logistics ”3PL” management. Our location to one of largest border ports makes this facility ideal for immediate customs release, and west coast distribution.

Canada – In Mississauga, ON, A & A’s warehouse is situated just north of Pearson International Airport, and has a square footage of approximately 300,000, and A & A is a bonded facility so you can avoid duties and taxes until you are ready to ship.

No matter your location in North America, A & A will find a warehousing solution that works for you! Let our specialists assist you in providing a program that best fits your warehouse and distribution needs.


We have a U.S. warehouse that is available for you to ship your packages, boxes, pallets and shipments to.

A) Why would you want to ship to a U.S. warehouse?
Here are a few reasons –

You purchased something online – eBay, Amazon, etc., from a U.S. seller that will only ship to the U.S. You can ship it to our warehouse, and we will deliver it to your door anywhere in the world, or if you live in the area or it is a personal shipment, you can pick it up and declare it at the border yourself.

U.S. to U.S. shipping charges are sometimes free and always considerably less than shipping across borders. You can ship it to our warehouse, and we will deliver it to your door, or if you live in the area or it is a personal shipment, you can pick it up and declare it at the border yourself – saving international shipping costs.

You are a local Canadian and need something very quickly from the U.S. and want it delivered overnight from the U.S. If it is shipped to Canada – many carriers do not offer international overnight.
B) How do you use our warehouse?
Have your package addressed to –
YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER HERE (i.e. – “John Smith 604.534.1234”) * Very Important to include your phone number!

Client Name
C/O A & A
1750 Grant Ave
Blaine WA
Phone 360.332.1016
Fax 360.332.8716

You will tell us what you want done next –
a) Hold for pick up
b) Re-forward to another address.

We will calculate your charges.
C) Please note – this process is meant for infrequent importers. You do not need to have an account with us to use this process. If you have regular shipments and are a commercial business – please contact our warehouse & distribution team at 360.332.1016 for a full suite of solutions. Cross Dock, Pick N Pack, etc.



Working with A & A Warehouse has been a wonderful experience and allowed Airblaster to focus on what it does best.  Product is always received and shipped in a timely, accurate manner.  The staff has great knowledge of the products, which is very valuable with special projects or even catching mistakes from our factories.  Strong communication has helped us to quickly fix small problems and they are always striving to implement strategies, with our input, to avoid future issues.

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