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Importing a Vehicle from US to Canada

Import Requirements
● Your vehicle must be admissible for import to Canada. View this admissibility list to
determine if your vehicle is admissible for import.
● All land based self propelled vehicles require 72 hour notice including AES filing
submitted to US Customs prior to export. (Self propelled means anything that moves
itself. If you have to tow it or push it then it’s not self propelled.)
AES Is a Mandatory Requirement per US Customs Border Protection
For all used self propelled vehicles/equipment regardless of the value or destination.
For further AES Information please click on our link.

Documents Required for Customs Clearance
● Original Bill of Sale
● Original certificate of title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin (front and back)
● Recall clearance letter
● The original bill of sale and title MUST be with the vehicle at time of export

Related Charges
Fees collected on behalf of Customs prior to clearance
● 5% GST
● 6.1% duty if manufactured outside of North America( exclusion are vehicles over 25 yrs
old and motor bikes)
● $100.00 excise tax for in dash air conditioning
● $1000.00 – $4000.00 green levy tax for some 2007 and newer model vehicles based on
that model’s fuel consumption and in service date. View this list of 2007 and newer
model year vehicles that are subject to green levy tax.

Fees collected on behalf of Transport Canada prior to clearance
● $195.00 + GST)to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (for vehicles less than 15 years

Please note, any fees including our service fees must be paid prior to your vehicle
crossing the border.

After Customs Clearance
● Once your vehicle is in Canada, you are required to have a provincial and sometimes a
federal inspection done within 45 days. You will need your original form 1, and if your
vehicle is newer than 15 years old and requires a federal inspection, your form 2 as well,
when you take your vehicle for the inspections. You must have any required
modifications completed prior to the inspections. View this list to see the different service
centers available to you to have the inspections completed.

Please note, any services provided by A & A are to be paid prior to your vehicle
crossing the border.

● Provincial sales tax may be payable at the time of vehicle registration in
Canada depending on your province requirements.
If payment required you will be responsible for paying directly to your
insurance company